Pub Conference 2021: The great British pub revival

15th September 2021 Honourable Artillery Company (The HAC) London

In the Pub Conference, MCA’s first since the pandemic, we celebrate the return of the Great British Pub, examining the dynamics that exist for operators in 2021 and beyond.

Pubs have shown their resilience with multiple challenges over generations. Whilst a global pandemic had them shuttered and constrained, state aid, freehold property and longview backing have meant less volatility and distress than other hospitality businesses.

Uncertainties remain on the path to recovery. So too do opportunity, keen investor interest and affection amongst consumers.

With its people acknowledged to be amongst a pub company’s greatest assets, how critical is the staffing crisis nationwide? How can training and culture better attract top talent, and how do pub operations become a career of choice?

What does the competitive climate look like and how are pubcos responding? Who has come back bigger, better, with a reimagined offer? Which technology has become a friend to the sector, here to stay? Who is buying, who is selling?

Join the sector’s senior leaders, reconvening at The Pub Conference 2021, to find out.